Dream of Pixels

Pixel cube

How to play

Dream of Pixels

Tap on the descending cloudy grid to unpack tetrominos and watch them spin, rotate and drop with gravity. Score points by clearing whole lines - the more lines you can clear with one move, the exponentially larger the score. Clearing the lines also merges the grid above and below those cleared lines.

You can tap anywhere and the game automatically finds a good fit of a tetromino within the grid. Fine tune the selection by dragging your finger along the grid before releasing.

The unpacking itself can be somewhat tricky - the selected tetromino needs to find its way out of the clouds by moving, turning and even twisting to some extent, but not jumping over other blocks.

It may seem simple at first, but careless unpacking quickly results in a mess of floating blocks of less-than-tetromino size. Merging the floating blocks back with the grid to enable unpacking them again is only possible by clearing the lines between them and the grid above.

The real depth of the game comes into play when going for the score. The only good way to do it is by clearing as much lines with one tetromino as possible which leaves only one tetromino most capable of that - the infamous I-piece.

For a further increased gameplay depth, white tetrominos appear in the colored clouds - free them unharmed, and score some valuable bonus points!

The game features 5 game modes:

  • Classic - the original endless unpacking game
  • Puzzle - more than 50 puzzles, no descending grid, no time limits, just thinking
  • Pro - Classic, but starting at level 9 - faster with more points per line
  • Nightmare - starts with floating blocks, clear them all up as quick as you can to win
  • Shattered Dream - Classic with randomly placed holes in the grid