Dream of Pixels

Pixel cube

Dream of Pixels

by Dawn of Play

Dream of Pixels is a beautiful falling blocks puzzle game. The brilliant twist on the old classic is the unpacking of tetromino blocks in place of the usual packing. Simply tap on the descending grid to unpack the tetrominos and watch them spin, rotate and drop with gravity. Clear the lines from the beautiful cloudy grid fast enough or it's - dream over.


  • Beautiful ever-changing visuals!
  • A brilliant twist on an old falling blocks classic!
  • 5 modes: Classic, Puzzle, Pro, Nightmare and Shattered Dream!
  • Zen Puzzle mode to slow down, relax, and think about it!
  • Amazing music, matching the visual experience perfectly!
  • Challenge your friends via the new Game Center CHALLENGES!
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Reviews and Quotes

  • "... a developer like Dawn of Play comes along with a delightful surprise like Dream of Pixels, one of the dreamiest gaming apps on iTunes."

    Kotaku, Mike Fahey, kotaku.com

  • "The sheer addictiveness is more than enough to warrant a purchase but the wealth of bonus modes (especially Puzzle) make it a no-brainer."

    148apps.com, Rob Rich, 148apps.com

  • "If you’re in the mood for a fantastic falling blocks puzzle game, then I highly recommend you drop everything that you’re doing right now and buy Dream of Pixels."

    AppAdvice.com, Christine Chan, AppAdvice.com

  • "... you'll immediately fall in love with what is arguably one of the finest titles not just on mobile, but gaming in general."

    Modojo.com, Chris Buffa, Modojo.com

  • "Dream of Pixels is fantastically clever, and I would dare to say that it’s an even better gameplay experience than [the classic]."

    PadGadget.com, Juli Clover, PadGadget.com

  • "Dream of Pixels is a game that takes the Tetris concept, turns it upside down and adorns it with some dreamy graphics."

    mashable.com, Stan Schroeder, mashable.com

  • "If only I could look up and touch a tetromino-filled sky... Until then, I thankfully have Dream of Pixels."

    toucharcade, John Polson, toucharcade.com

  • "Wow, that is indeed a brilliant game design!"

    Jason Rohrer

  • "Just watching the trailer I can feel years of pent-up stacking tension slipping away. So lovely."

    Kotaku, Mike Fahey, kotaku.com

  • "Looking forward to this by Dawn of Play. Coming soon to the App Store!"

    IT8BIT, pacalin, it8bit.com

  • "Wow this is a totally beautiful game! ... seriously impressive."

    Whitaker Blackall, whitakerblackall.com

  • "Topping it all off is a very nice soundtrack, shiny looks and a sexy female voice saying strange things about random logic."

    A geek with a hat, Swizec Teller, swizec.com/blog

  • "I am hooked =D"

    Andreas de Reggi, nollieapps.com

  • "Good news! Your game is awesome ... a brilliant twist on an old classic, that I wouldn't hesitate to buy and recommend."

    Adam Steppens, ledgewizardgames.com

  • "Dream of Pixels is AWESOME. This game is fantastic."

    Martin Grider, chesstris.com

  • "Dream of Pixels – Reverse Tetris Puzzler that Delivers"

    Patrick Garde, gamewoof.com

App Store customer reviews

  • Game of the year potential 5 stars

    by Alcedes

    Wow, amazing reverse tetris gameplay. Music, sound, graphics, ambiance, it's got it all. Oh, did i mention the gameplay and different modes? best .99 you'll ever spend. This has serious Game of the year potential. 10 Stars!!!

  • Lovely game 5 stars

    by pacalin

    In the first 5 minutes of gameplay, I relocated to the couch so I could nestle into a comfortable spot where I plan to remain for a long, long time. The soothing sounds coupled with the dreamy interface make for the most relaxing puzzle I\'ve seen. Beautiful.

  • Brilliant and addictive 5 stars

    by anonymous

    Very addictive and fun game, love the colorful and relaxing setting. Forget Tetris, this is the game youve been waiting for!

  • The quintessential puzzler 5 stars

    by JMattM

    This is one of the best puzzlers released on the store in some time. Be prepared to play over and over again as it's that kind of game. The modes are great and the design, beautiful. This is one dream I don't want to wake up from.

  • So Very Awesome 5 stars

    by Natephish

    Dream of Pixels is everything I thought it would be: beautiful, relaxing, and tons of fun. I'm often disappointed by games/apps I purchase without much thought, but this one did not let me down! New favorite iOS game for sure.


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