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Endless fun! Retro gaming at its finest!


  • Retro handheld device revival
  • Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Compare your scores on Game Center
  • Unique set of achievements
  • Hours of endless fun!

Mobot the robot is expected to mindlessly slave away at his job deep inside the bowels of a corporate production facility while his monkey boss vents frustration by throwing obstacles Mobot's way.

Help Mobot stick it back to the system while avoiding being replaced by a cheaper model in this deliciously retro 80s style electronic handheld game rehash.


"Monkey Labour is a lovingly crafted riff on Nintendo’s Game & Watch handhelds, but with its own unique gameplay."
"Perfect recreation of a 1980s Game & Watch device. Great attention paid to authentic details. ... Dawn of Play remembers those early handheld games, and pays proper homage with Monkey Labour. ... Our thanks to Dawn of Play for the trip down memory lane, since Monkey Labour is clearly a labor of love."
"Gamers who remember the Long Long Ago will get a kick out of today’s leading Fresh Game, Monkey Labour. ... For a casual game with some very old-school handheld ideas behind it, but with modern additions like achievements and online leaderboards, look no further."
"... retro fun reborn ... The gameplay is simple but brilliant fun ... Monkey Labour may well be our favourite new iPhone game."
"Dawn of Play’s first universal application entitled Monkey Labour will instantly bring you back to 80's and help educated new gamers to the enjoyment of gameplay simplicity. ... Monkey Labour features simple but addictive gameplay mechanics that any gamer will quickly get, however mastering the game will prove harder to master."

App Store Customer reviews

Awesome retro style

"Addictive remix of the game & watch style games of the 80's, leaves you wanting more! Very cool!"
Bondgirlnat, UK

Very cool!!

"Just like the old game&watch games, they've got the look and sound just right. Good for a blast of retro fun from my younger days."
Oooooomonkey, UK


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